Take control of your health

With the healthPower DNA test you will have a deeper picture of your bodies health, repair and detoxification processes. 


How well do I detox?

How well do I properly handle estrogens and sex hormones ?

How does inflammation affect me? 

How well does my body create its own protective antioxidants?

And so much more.



Get a deeper look into your health.


The way your body responds to key hormones, and environmental pollutants is of the upmost importance to your long term health and wellbeing. With healthPower you will get a much deeper insight into many of your bodies key protective and elimination processes.


Know Your DNA For A Healthier Life!

DNA is our body’s own biological roadmap. The better you understand your DNA, the better you understand yourself. It can help you stay one step ahead of your health and plan for the future.

What You Will Learn

We now know that inflammation, and hormones are key to our long term health, and we know that even with a good diet, and exercise program there are still many invisible things that can affect our health. Invisible things like air pollution, free radicals, pesticides, inflammation and hormone imbalances can affect our health hard even though on the surface we are doing everything right.


Now we can know much deeper what we need to do for our long term health and Quality of Life (QOL)  


inflammationPower:  discover how your body responds to inflammation and stress and what you need to be aware of to make lasting changes.

hormonePower:  we are now living in a time where environmental estrogens are damaging us and our children. Discover how well your body metabolizes and eliminates estrogens to help keep your hormones balanced.  

detoxPower:  environmental toxins are at an all time high in history, and knowing how well our body handles toxins and carcinogens is a HUGE key to long term health.

methylationPower:  knowing how well our body  takes vitamins and minerals from our food to deliver to our body is a foundation of detoxification, balancing mood and energy.

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