Let us take you to the next level

With the power of dnaPower we can help take your health or fitness to the next level with a 100% personalized fitness program or nutrition plan created by one of our certified on staff health or fitness professionals. 

Your fitness plan of action will be created by our affiliate internationally certified personal trainer.


Your nutritional plan of action will be created by our affiliate registered holistic nutritionalist (RHN).  


Know Your DNA For A Healthier Life!

DNA is our body’s own biological roadmap. The better you understand your DNA, the better you understand yourself. It can help you stay one step ahead of your health and plan for the future.

Diet or Fitness Plan Perks

During your Report Assessment you will together go over your report, touching on every relevant point covered in your test.

Personal Shop: Your consultant will take you around the store, and show you what supplements we think suits your report results best. 

Your consultant will create a nutritional or fitness action plan so you can start to take immediate and guided action on your report(s) results.


For nutrition reports they will also add more in depth aspects such as optimal food selections, meal timing, healthy ingredients, digestion hacks, cooking tips, and tips to meal prep. 

For fitness they will include goal setting, time management & planning, exact exercises based on your equipment, reps, sets and break times. Technique tips will also be covered as well as supplements to help speed up goal achievement.  


Let Us Help You

Upgrade to a DNA powered nutrition or fitness plan with us and let us lead your journey into a deeper understanding of your health & fitness needs and lifestyle.

To get started on your dnaPower nutrition or fitness plan visit us today at any Genesis Nutrition retail location to purchase your dnaPower 1-on-1 personalized and confidential Report Assessment & Action Program.